Best Foods to Enhance Your Sexual Life

foods to enhance your sexual life

It’s no surprise that having a good sex drive is related to feeling physically and emotionally healthy, therefore the foods you consume have a part in enhancing your sex life


Watermelon contains a lot of citrulline, an amino acid. It is converted by your body into arginine, another amino acid that aids in blood vessel relaxation. This can stimulate blood flow to your genital organs in the same manner as Viagra does for erectile dysfunction.

Dark Chocolate

You are surely aware of the numerous heart-healthy advantages of dark chocolate, which contains high levels of antioxidants. But it may also help get things going in the bedroom. Its flavonols increase blood flow, which increases sensitivity, making you feel tingling in all the right places. That might assist men with erectile dysfunction, sometimes known as ED.


Oysters have the highest zinc content of any food item, with one serving supplying 673% of your daily intake which helps control testosterone levels, may be especially crucial in male fertility. If you don’t like oysters, try lobster or crab instead. Zinc is abundant in both forms of shellfish.


Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in fish such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel. These good fats reduce inflammation in your body. This can benefit your sexual health. If you don’t like fish, you can obtain omega-3s from flax-seed, chia seeds, and walnuts.

Nuts and Seeds

Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans, hazelnuts, peanuts contains L-arginine. Cashews and almonds are rich in zinc whereas walnuts contains omega 3.


Strawberries are a favorite among couples, whether they are dipped in chocolate or covered with whipped cream. They’re abundant in vitamin C, which may help enhance blood flow and relieve tension and anxiety. It also stimulates the production of oxytocin, popularly known as the “love” hormone due to its association with sexual excitement and orgasm.


The maca plant, which is native to the Peruvian mountains, has been used for millennia to increase fertility. According to current study, its root can boost sexual desire. Plant phytonutrients may improve sperm count and sexual performance.

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